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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Casa Bosques Chocolate new collaboration with Chef Enrique Olvera & Artist Pedro Reyes


SAVVY Studio introduces the new Casa Bosques collaborations: The Paris Review and Pedro Reyes & Enrique Olvera

Casa Bosques debuts its new chocolate collaboration in May. The new bar will feature renowned chef Enrique Olvera, Mexican artist Pedro Reyes, and a very special ingredient: the rare chicatana ant. The use of the Mexican delicacy elevates the chocolate brand, which has always been a personal project for SAVVY co-founder Rafael Prieto. Created from a passion for design and chocolate, Casa Bosques has been a statement to SAVVY's skill for branding and design. With this new line of chocolates, a sensory experience will be like never before.

Pedro Reyes & Enrique Olvera x Casa Bosques

Pedro Reyes is a widely celebrated multi-platform artist, activist, and educator. Reyes uses all aspects of visual art and education to address political and social issues. Celebrity chef Enrique Olvera is known for his successful restaurants such as Cosme and Pujol, as well as his use of unusual ingredients. Casa Bosques brought the two creative minds together for this collaboration to create a one of a kind chocolate made with an ingredient that makes it an instant delicacy: the chicatana ant.

Since prehistoric times in Oaxaca, the chicatana ant has been a luxurious Mexican treat, as beloved as caviar and as tasty as the finest chocolates. The culmination of both the delicious ant and the chocolate was the perfect combination of ingredients for this Casa Bosques line. The flavor of the chicatana ant blended with the rich aroma of the cacao creates a unique smoky, crunchy texture in each chocolate bar.
Known for its wholesome nutrition, there also has a strong fruity flavor mixed into the pure organic chocolate bars. Most important of all, the bar aptly represents the creativity of Reyes and Olvera, whose works involve blending history with modern life, just as the very modern chocolate does with the ancient chicatana ant.

About SAVVY Studio:

SAVVY Studio is a Branding & Architecture design practice based in New York and Me�xico. SAVVY�s expertise involves working around the globe on different ventures including boutique hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, art galleries and museums.

About Casa Bosques:

Casa Bosques chocolate, sold online, MoCA Los Angeles, Mohawk General Store and Saturdays in New York, are designed not only to be full of flavor but visually appealing. Each bar is wrapped in golden wrappers, which are encased in their minimalist but cleanly executed packaging. What makes each chocolate special however is the culmination of nourishing and delicious flavors, and the story behind them. Drawing upon his experiences in branding, interior design, and architecture, as well as memorably trips and experiences around the world, Prieto created a delectable chocolate treat that truly encompasses the joy of life, travel, and lasting experiences.


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