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Saturday, 24 March 2018



Ceramiracle�s award-winning and bestselling beauty capsule harnesses Mother Nature to defy Father Time
Since antiquity, humans have been searching for ways to preserve youthful beauty and extend life. For example, Cleopatra was said to bathe in donkey�s milk to maintain her skin�s softness and glow. With Ceramiracle�s First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement, a capsule a day is all it takes to achieve healthy, youthful and beautiful skin. It�s that easy � really!

The Story: Breathing Life To The Skin From Within

�The compelling results and efficacy of ceramides on various aspects of
skin health, including moisture level, elasticity and skin tone form the
foundation of our research for this supplement,� says CEO/Founder of
Ceramiracle Eugene He. Ceramides are the glue of our skin that holds
collagen together but decrease with age, resulting in wrinkles, age spots, and rough, uneven skin. There are many lotions and creams containing ceramides but �topical application has been a poor solution to the problem of skin aging,� adds Eugene.

The Product: The Ultimate One A Day Beauty Capsule

Fusing the might of ceramides with other synergistic ingredients such as French melon derived SOD, tomato extract, gynostemma and hyaluronic acid, First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement proffers maximum results with minimal effort. Every capsule features Ceramiracle�s proprietary botanical complex containing a clinically studied dose of patented phytoceramides to improve skin hydration and skin texture in just 15 days, and boost skin moisturization by 23% in 2 weeks and up to 36% after 2 months. The skin-loving nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the cells of the inner layer of skin to rejuvenate and refresh in a way topical creams cannot. Effortless skincare with exceptional results to make beauty, forever yours � it doesn�t get any easier than this! The plant-derived formula is also formulated without preservatives, dairy contents, artificial flavor and other harmful chemicals.

FIRST LIGHT Ceramides Skin Supplement is available on It retails at $55.00 USD per bottle of 30 capsules.


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